Hello! I am Jana Lewis- the Jana in front of the "mama". Most agencies will email a slew of resumes, and promise “happily ever afters” without ever truly getting to know you, or your children. Many candidates are not properly debriefed as to your specific needs, nor are you fully aware of the background and former experiences of the person you are being introduced to.

From personal experience, I can assure you that for such an intimate position to hold, shouldn't I, the agent referring a qualified candidate really know both parties before suggesting matches? Getting behind the scenes with each family in a gentle and non-invasive way, only better increases the likelihood that the persons I send your way will truly be amazing fits for your needs and family goals.

We here at Janamama's who train and interview candidates, are former nannies, estate managers and housekeepers of the highest caliber. Our decades of experience in the homes of high-end clientele along with our proven work ethics have rewarded us with the gift of patience, but also the insight needed to accurately asses who would most appropriately fit in to each client's lifestyle. I promise that we will take the time, and do the legwork to ensure you meet and hire the right long term fit!

Other agencies will send the wrong candidate and then keep replacing them over and over for no additional fee. Wouldn't you rather just get it right on the first try? Who wants a parade of people coming into their homes and leaving only after a short time? Let's stop the silly-staffing-shuffle, and help candidates and clients find their best matches from the start. I think you would not only love that, but also deserve that sort of experience, as does your child, and the candidate who is truly there to uphold their reputation, and be a valuable asset to your family.