Like friends or children, Nannies come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and overall packages. A nanny with 2-4 years of babysitting experience may not have the stellar resume with impressive clients names and prestigious zip codes in which he or she has worked, but may actually be the right fit for your family with a little help from the Janamama Nanny-Training Team. After you've been introduced to a nanny who seems wonderful for your children and home, let one of our highly-experienced Nanny-Trainers work alongside your new hire and help he or she fine-tune their skills on the job for the first week or so. This will help your new Nanny "get it" much sooner and save you the extra money spent on hiring a fancier nanny, and/or frustrating a nanny with less experience who isn't used to working at a higher level, losing that person, and subsequently starting over with yet another nanny. Our Nanny Trainers are either former or current high-end nannies with decades of experience who can at this stage, work in any home.  A mature mentor in the form of a third-party teacher (our Nanny Trainers) with wise eyes and ears to train your new nanny, will absolutely make all the difference in the world to ensuring your nanny meets your families needs from day one and indefinitely.